Beautiful Armenian Nude Photography

Nude  Art by Artashes  Martirosyan. You might also want to  refresh your memory with the previous photos of this great Armenian photographer ;-)


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6 Responses to “Beautiful Armenian Nude Photography”

  1. Helen:

    The first photo is WOW, breathtaking! great job!

  2. Alina:

    Nake women’s body can really be very beautiful, I can’t say the same about majority of men’s though, no offence :DDDD

    I prefer the last photo, so sensative.

  3. Dama:

    It is very good to see such professional nude photos by Armenian photographers. All those self appointed so called bloggers who lead «fashion blogs» should learn a pure beautiful art instead of polluting Armenian blogosphere with their low class cheap vulgar dirt a lya kamo and fashion.

    Bravo, Artashes Martirosyan!

  4. Mari:

    amazing work, love the last two

  5. Mari:

    To Dama, very well said!

  6. armeniangirl:

    Dama, spot on!

    Girls, more to come! ;-)) really very beautiful works ;-)

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