Armenian Actress in London, England


Recently she  appearred in a commercial for P&O. Filming in Kefalonia and on board the Azura for a week. Exciting..;-) She is also featured in «Miss Real Beauty» in the UK websites…

Karine is listed in Lowy Hamilton Artists

The review on the movie with Karine Bedrossian playing an Armenian orphan is outstanding, worth watching, I am going to look  for the movie!


Beast on the Moon

Review by Rachel Read

Nottingham Playhouse’s triumphant version of Richard Kalinoski’s award winning love story involving two Armenian orphans — one of whom’s a mail order bride.

Beast on the Moon
Description: An inventive and moving examination of married life in the 1920s.
Start date: 02/11/2007
End date: 17/11/2007
  • adult: £7.50 — £26.50
  • Performing Arts
Venue name: Nottingham Playhouse
Venue town: Nottingham

The Armenian genocide… a mail order bride… only three actors… an odd title – it was with some wariness that I attended Beast On The Moon. My wariness was ill-founded. This production is brilliant.

Astonishing performances

All three actors turn in quite astonishing performances to create a night of involving and moving drama.

Seta - a mail order brideKarine Bedrossian plays Seta

Karine Bedrossian plays Seta, the teenage mail-order bride of Aram (Youssef Kerkour) in 1920s America. Both are Armenian orphans and the action unfolds around their relationship, as presented to us by Paul Greenwood as an old «Gentleman».

It doesn’t sound much yet Richard Kalinoski’s script makes every word count. The dialogue and performances are thus natural and convincing throughout.

Scary transition

Bedrossian emanates warmth and loveliness as the lively Seta, bringing both a tender vulnerability and sparky passion to the part. She conveys Seta’s progression from girl to woman excellently.

Kerkour has the less sympathetic role, yet portrays it subtly and gives the sense that there is more lurking beneath his stiff exterior. They make a believable couple and play off each other well.

Aram played by Youssef Kerkour (actor form Morocco)

Most remarkable is Greenwood’s transition from old man to little boy – almost scarily convincing, in fact!

A rare treat

It’s a production that probably sounds pretty weak on paper – everything that occurs (mainly talking) happens just in one room, and not a particularly interesting room at that. The dialogue is what matters and when delivered as winningly, humorously and heart-breakingly as the actors do here, it makes for an enthralling evening.

Perfectly paced, nicely staged and brilliantly acted, it’s the rare theatrical equivalent of third bowl of porridge — just right.

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