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I want to tell you — we don’t have pics of Anjela, and in case we have — we`ll never post it. Forget about it.

Nude Alice Panikian

Nude Alice Panikian

Sexy nude Eva Rivas

Russian-Armenian singer Eva Rivas who represent Armenia on Eurovision 2010 recently go nude on the pages of Russian magazine Maxim.

«Armenian Beauty» and «190 sm of Pure Sexuality» was comments of Maxim, who also published short interview with sexy star Eva Rivas.

Her photos («не порно, но задорно» :) :

Eva Rivas porno Ева Ривас порно

More photos of sexy nude Eva Rivas

Eros photo art

armenian erotica

Photographer, who works under name of Bes Lukson was born in Yerevan and now live in Odessa.

see more of his erotic art

Sexy nude Khloe Kardashian

Youngest sister of sex icon Kim Kardashian — Khloe recently make generous contribution to anti-fur campaign.

Yes, gift is generous — awesomely beautiful body and great personalty on this poster!


Nude Art

Models are of different nations. Photoshooting is  in Yerevan by lucky  Artashes Martirosyan ;-)


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Nude Russian and Afro-American Models in Yerevan

  Black and White  photography always looks beautiful! ;-) We have already seen  photos with the  black model  Odin  before in the streets of Yerevan, haven’t we? ;-)

Photographer Artashes Martirosyan
Art director and stylist Ani Galstyan
Models Ksenia/Odeen
client El style magazine

Nude, Red and Modern Love

Paintings by    

Martiros MarHak Hakopian

Like many times before I learnt about interesting paintings from Mari  Mansourian. The pictures I singled out from a  big collection are titled «Nude Love», «Red Nude Love»  and «Moder Love», try to figure out which one is which ;-))

MarHak immigrated from Armenia to LA, Glendale in 1981.


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